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WOW888 Casino offers a fascinating excursion into the world of Blackjack. In this interesting blog, we will go over the essentials of how to play blackjack, as well as additional significant factors. This article will help you commence playing blackjack. As you gain experience and practice, every Blackjack game will be yours! So, welcome to the summit of Blackjack at WOW888 Casino! Say cheers to experiencing the excitement that has contributed to Blackjack’s status as a timeless classic in the world of casino gaming!

How to Play Blackjack?

How to Play Blackjack WOW888

Worry not, because these simple steps will help you get started with Blackjack. Also, download our WOW888 App to play games on the go!

Step 1: Place Bets

Place your preferred bet in the spaces indicated for betting on the Blackjack table after taking a seat.

Step 2: The First Transaction

Each player is initially given two cards at the beginning. The cards have the faces facing up.

Step 3: Look for a blackjack

If your first two cards sum up to 21, which is an Ace and a card worth 10, then congratulations! You have blackjack. The best hand available is this one.

Step 4: Choose to Stay or Draw

You have to choose whether to “draw” or “stay” if the sum of your first two cards is less than 21. You can keep drawing cards till your hand is what you are happy with.

Step 5: Go All in

You can “Double” your initial bet on any two-card combination if you’re feeling very sure. But after doubling down, you will only get one additional card.

Step 6: Divided Pairs

When you bet twice as much as you did the first time, you can “Split” a pair, or two cards of the same value. You will then be dealt two new hands, one card for each divided card.

Step 7: Ascertain the Winner

Now is the time to determine the winner. the player with the closest to 21 is the winner.

Blackjack Side Bets at WOW888

Blackjack Side Bets at WOW888

WOW888 adds side bets and supplemental wagers to increase excitement. While they provide more benefits, players must approach them with caution due to the heightened hazards. Some side bets include in live casino blackjack include:

  • 21+3: Combining the player’s two cards with the dealer’s up card to form poker-style combinations.
  • Perfect Pairs: Betting that the player’s first two cards will make a pair.
  • Insurance: Betting on whether the dealer has a potential Blackjack after receiving an ace-up card.
  • Bet Behind: Bet on another player’s hand.

Counting Cards & Deviations

Counting Cards & Deviations WOW888

Card counting is an increasingly common approach in blackjack. It requires keeping track of the cards in play to obtain insight into the composition of the remaining deck.

The Hi-Lo system, a balanced counting method, assigns numerical values to each card, often +1, 0, or -1. As cards are dealt, participants mentally add or remove these values to keep a running total.

While the Hi-Lo approach is widely adopted, professionals recognize the need for versatility. Different card counting systems provide alternate ways that may be more appropriate for a particular player’s style. WOW888 encourages its members to experiment with several systems to see which one best suits their strengths and interests. 

Mastery of a specific system gives players an advantage, allowing them to make better decisions based on the cards in play. However, counting cards alone does not guarantee constant success.  

Learn Deviations in Blackjack | Playing & Betting

Learn Deviations in Blackjack  Playing & Betting WOW888

In the world of blackjack, deviations are a complex set of methods designed to keep players in the game longer by avoiding identification as card counters or expert players. While not a surefire technique to win, mastering deviations entails two critical components: playing deviations and betting deviations.

Playing Deviations

Playing deviations are strategic alterations to standard blackjack strategy dependent on the current count. Below is a table illustrating some common playing deviations based on the true count:

True CountStandard StrategyDeviation Decision
+1 to +3Hit 16 against 10Stand on 16
+4 to +6Double 9 against 2Double 9 against 2
+7 and upStand on 12 against 4Hit on 12 against 4

Betting Deviations

Betting deviations entail altering bet sizes based on the current count. Again, true count is critical in making these selections.

Here’s a simple table that shows betting deviations:

True CountStandard BetDeviation Bet
+1 to +3₱500₱1000
+4 to +6₱500₱1500
+7 and up₱500₱2500

Blackjack Tips | Things to Note for All Players!

  • Start with Small Stakes: To become comfortable with the game and avoid taking big financial risks, start with small wagers. You can progressively raise your stakes as you develop more assurance.
  • Know Your Limits: Prior to beginning to play, establish your winning and losing boundaries. Being aware of when to give up might help you avoid big losses and enjoy your wins.
  • Practice Online: Make use of the websites that provide free Blackjack games. This enables you to acquire confidence, comprehend the rules, and practice methods before using real money to play.
  • Concentrate on Basic Bets: Initially, stick to basic bets like as hitting, standing, doubling down, and splitting. Steer clear of side bets and insurance bets since the house usually has a larger advantage.
  • Observe Skilled Players: Pay attention to how skilled players approach the game. You can learn a lot about strategy and decision-making from watching others play.
  • Recognize Basic Strategy: Acquire knowledge of the basic blackjack strategy, including when to hit, stand, double down, and split. This offers a strong basis on which to make decisions.


Monitoring the proportion of high-value cards to low-value cards in the deck is called card counting. Competent players can have an advantage by changing their bets according to the card count.

Although chance is included, blackjack is mostly a skill game. However, smart strategies do play a crucial role in winning the game.

Players can double their initial wager by drawing just one additional card after receiving the first two. This is known as “doubling down.”

You should consider splitting your cards when dealt a pair of the same value. This creates two separate hands, each with its bet.


Be ready to experience a never-seen-before blackjack gaming adventure. Make sure to understand its rules, techniques, and special features. This guide is a great tool that can help newbies play the game. So, gamers at WOW888 can become experts at this timeless card game. Join WOW888 today and explore the timeless classic game today.

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